Our cooperation with Szentágothai János Research Center

We carry out our R&D activities in close cooperation with the Szentágothai János Research Center of the University of Pécs (PTE-SzKK). Our mutually designed infrastructure and equipment, as well as the highly qualified professional associates in the field of molecular biology and bioinformatics, ensure a very high standard in the field of genome research and analysis, and bioinformatics.

The success of a sequencing project depends not only on the quality of the submitted DNA or RNA sample, but also on the adequate preparation of samples, the sequencing itself, as well as on the selection of the optimal bioinformatics procedure for data analysis. Our company and the Szentágothai János Research Center, with our available resources - high quality equipment and infrastructure, and qualified experts in molecular biology and bioinformatics, guarantee our customers NGS and bioinformatics services of the highest quality.